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Wife wants to go solo

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Lately I have been unable to get out of work and our weekends have either been booked or the weather has not been great. My wife wants to get in a few more beach days before the summer ends and is thinking about going to Gunnison alone today or tomorrow. We are curious if any the wives on the board gone there alone, and how their experience was.

Not anyone's wife any more,

Not anyone's wife any more, but I often go alone and have a wonderful time.  I'm 58 but guys still stop by all day long and I feel like the queen of the beach...but I also go to read, sleep, watch the ocean, look at the birds, to relax from an otherwise stressful existence, to feel the warm sun, the sand between my toes...I even bring paperwork from work (it doesn't feel like I'm working if I'm at the beach), so if I want to talk, I talk, but if I want to be left alone, I say so politely and have no problems.  I've met many nice men and women this summer.  It's fun to know people there, but that's not my primary reason for going.

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My wife went alone for the

My wife went alone for the first time last Friday. She had a great time. I think she had more fun then when we go together.


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Thanks for all of the great

Thanks for all of the great replies. My wife wound up calling some friends of ours and met them on the beach on Friday. All went well and it ws a beautiful day.

good news

Great for her, her friends, and for you. We went on Saturday (missed yoir wife and friends by a day). The when was high But it turned out to be a great beach day. This was our first time in years going on a weekend or even after season. We got there at 830 am and it was a bit breezy. Kept her clothes on for a while and did a few others But eventually we were all naked, enjoying each other in the company the crap out. We are hoping for me anymore weekend when weather days, although I may do some solo trips during the week when I am off from work. Once again we are so thrilled that your wife and her friend had a good time. This beat is a great place to relax and meet new friends.

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That is great! It is def good

That is great! It is def good to have some time alone!  I am sure she had no problem making conversation given the level of her attractiveness. Smile

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Thanks Playa, that was nice

Thanks Playa, that was nice of you to say.


so great for women

My wife went alone on JUly 31 and had a great time. Many guys stoppd by to ssy hello and eventually she spend that better part of the day with a really nice guy. She said she really had a great time. I had a great time with her later that night because she was so charged up Laughing out loud

Yes that's my guy said above

Yes that's my guy said above I went alone for the first time in 13 years and had a wonderful and relaxing time. I sat and relax read my book and played in the water. Some guy stop by to say hi but were respectful when I wasn't interested. I met a guy who sparked my interest and.we talked and hung out a lot. He stayee in his spot and me in mine and we would visit off and on. The day was great and my husband an I agee that since I ad such a great experuence I will do it again.

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