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Strange run-in on Monday

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I was at the beach on Monday, braving the weather. I downloaded a few good magazines on my iPhone and curled up under my umbrella that was blocking the wind over at the far corner of the dunes.


This weird guy (he looked to be Jewish, with dark black curly hair and full beard) walks up to me and stands over me and says hi and then stares at me. I looked up at him and I very un-enthusiastically said hi back to him. He just stared at me. I then said rudely, "Can I help you?!" then he quickly walked away. 

He was wearing a white shirt and no pants and creeped me the fuck out. I then left to get a bite to eat and came back and setup again, this time in the middle of the dunes after most people had left due to the rain. 


This was a very awkward situation and it made me so uncomfortable, I had to leave for a minute.  If there were any cops around, I would have let them know what was going on, this guy was up to no good.  Is this common to have people come up to you and just be creepy? 

I'm not surprised.  I have my

I'm not surprised.  I have my share of creep stories.  Creeps, I'm not interested in talking means I'm not interested in talking.  Continue moving!!  As I have mentioned I do like to be social, but I know my limits.  If people continue conversation, it means I am welcome.  If not then I get on my way, but I would never do it when someone is in a position of tanning.  Why, because I would not want that to be done to me.  


 Sorry, to say Yes, so do, some don't.. Come close.. But Next time, see something off, call the Ranger 732 872 5970 or 732 872 5900 you will get rapid response from them..

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Creeps are there

I can attest that no one is safe from having a creep incident. I was sure I was immune to it due to my rotund , jolly body. Long story short, I had an incident in the parking lot last summer that bled over into the evening in Sea Bright, pissed me off to no end.

No kidding!!!

 I was down there last June, early in the morning, waiting for friends to arrive.. I came across who sounds very simular to the guy meantioned by Beachin. Except my creep was wearing a Ladies Black stocking.. Yes, A ladies Black Stocking. In short, And even though I don't usually call for help. did point this guy out to the Life Guard, who, called the Ranger, I saw that the Ranger escorted him off...

Me too!

We were there on Memorial day, totally uneventful till about 5pm, this guy was sitting there staring at me and stroking it! Really, get a magazine and stay home, what did he think, i was gonna run out into the parking lot with him? I dont think so!

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Shouldn't happen

I'm sorry to hear that you had to experience that.  Gunnison is such a beautiful place even though, at times, a little ugliness tries to creep in.  Too bad there wasn't a Ranger around right then.

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