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Question?? Wonderering if any one knows about this or if its happening to them also?

  Hi Everyone!! Small Fry here, And Happy Easter to Everyone!! Laughing out loud

I have a question and would like help from anyone here from the Gunnison web site if they know???

Last day or 2 I've been getting on my personal email posts from diffrent people about posts on Facebook about a meeting Gunnison Beaxch No Tan Lines??? ( Now don't laugh at me people, I'm not on Facebook ) Does anyone know about it ? Or have they gotten anything as well??

The emails I keep recieving are ( I've recieved 8 of them  and I don't know who these people are either )

Gunnison Beach No Tan Lines

" Are you ready for out next nude night out "

Nude, Night Out #7 This is how we do it?

Sat April 21,  7pm. NYC Midtown??  ( No, exact location posted either ??-- just midtown )


Is this real or some sort of joke?? 

Let me know I'm curious??

Again, Happy Easter Everyone..

C'mon warm weather want on be on the beach... Cool



I believe "Nude Night Out" is

Love I believe "Nude Night Out" is linked to the "Young Naturists" as I have seen similar posted events on their website.

I think this is mostly for the communist, elitist, yuppie, beautiful people (Hey, this is a lot milder than I would have said in person) crowd.


Thanks for the response!!! Young and hip?? in 20's  Whoa how !! Haven't seen 20 in 20 yrs.. lol

But ok idk how they got my address especially not on facebook.. It did cheer me up to have someone consider me in the in young hip crowd..

My wife and i and another

My wife and i and another couple from gunnison went to PSHS a few weeks ago and a group of maybe 8-10 people were there from NYC. They were all in their 20's, it appeared. Nice people. They said they have nude activities at different locations in the city. But PSHS is the nearest 24/7/365 nude location. They said they have about 300 people in their group but not everyone shows up at each activity. There were only two females and 8-10 guys.

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No, no tan lines

I havn't seen anything like that , at least nothing that's gotten through my spam filter, and in a quick google search of 'gunnison beach no tan lines', your message comes up as 2 of the top 3 hits.

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Nothing from me or to me

i didn't get any messages in my email from facebook.

Seems strange since your not on it.

Lifeguard (On Virtual Beach Only)AKA Dave(The Guy who built/hosts/runs the site)

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