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Keeping it running costs $$$

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Mobi-Mat®. Update


05/20/15 Update:

The first 100 foot mat has been purchased today and is being delivered to the park Friday, May 22nd.  The NPS will set up the new mat (and future ones we hope to be able to purchase) after the existing ones so people can actually see the progress of our efforts. We really can't thank everyone enough for donating thus far. Just keep in mind that this project is ONGOING and is going to take time. It is only because of everyone's generosity that this is possible.  We have 600 feet to go to meet our goal. We hope that everyone seeing these quick results and the first mat out before opening day inspires others to donate.  This also supports the fact that this is a legit fundraiser.

Eric and Erika 

who is here?

Working the vb net

Looking for a beach buddy!

Whats up,looking for a straight beach buddy to hang and drink with at the beach my gf won't join me so I started going last year by myself and made a few friends but would be nice to make some new friends2 this season! 32 italian straight guy fit and active.

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Fishing on the beach

Does anyone here do any fishing when they go to Gunny?  I was there Sunday morning and saw some folks past the sand bar that forms at low tide.  


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Facebook Group

Hi guys, I started a new Facebook group for anyone interested. About 35 members so far, looking for it to grow. Just search it out on Facebook, I can't seem to post the link on here. Hope to see you there. Great way to find friends while at the beach

may 24. this sunday

In your professional opinions, will the beach be comfortably warm this Sunday?

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Is the area to the south of the main beach open or closed?

I've seen this area closed for the protection of endangered species in the past. can anyone tell me if this area is open or closed at this time?

thank you very much.

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Just a suggestion, can a sign or flyer be put up at the entrance to the beach for those who are not on this site that might want to donate. After they feel how hard it is to walk  the distance on the sand they might want to donate.

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Video about nudism

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going to beach May 27 & 28?

the weather forecast looks great for the middle of next week, May 27 & 28. I think I'll make it my first outing to Gunnison this season.

anyone else going then?  looks to be warm and sunny in the mid-eighties.

First visit

Hey all. I am going to be traveling from Western PA and enjoying a few days Friday and Saturday at the beach for the first time! I will be by myself and am looking for some people to meet up possibly and just hang out. I am a 24 yr old straight male just wanting to go on a mini vacation while my girlfriend is in Ecuador for the time being. Hoping to just get some sun rays relax and have a good time being free at the beach I always wanted to go to. I will take any advice on what to bring and what not to bring. Friday looks to be 75 and sunny should I be expecting a big crowd then and need to get there early? Are lifeguards on duty Friday or Saturday at all? Hope to see some friendly people! Thanks

dont know if saved on calendat but im going may 28th

Going to the beach on may 28th and 

would love to meet some of the members from 

this group doesnt matter male, female or couples

just looking to go and have a good time enjoying the 

sun sand and water

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Summer 2015

Season is about to start or has started with the great weather we have had.


Just wanted to let you know there is a fund raiser to buy Mobi-Mats for Gunnison Beach.

The link is and they are close to the purchase price for the first Mat.


So if you can give and want to make the walk to the beach easier for everyone consider donating.





I see some tents there. Can assume people are having sex in them. I now it illegal to have sex out in the open. But is it ok in a tent?

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