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Cubot GT95 vs Cubot: first look

Cubot has at last not only reimagined its design language to meet today's standards for what is considered a “premium” smartphone, Cubot GT95 has done one better and employed its “Edge” tech to deliver a flagship with a curved screen. The Cubot GT95 looks stunning with its wraparound display, while its hardware is just as bleeding-edge as the one found under the Galaxy S6's hood. So, how does this new stunner compare to the old Cubot flagship – the Cubot? Let's check them out, side by side!


The Cubot GT95 adheres somewhat to the familiar oval shapes that we've come to expect from Cubot, however, its curved edges give the device an almost bezel-less look, making it appear fresh and futuristic. Additionally, the phone is adorned by a metal unibody construction, with Gorilla Glass 4 on its back as well as the front – much more fun than the Cubot's plastic body and rather dull patterns, if we dare say so. Both handsets have the now-famous lump on the back which is there to house their potent camera sensors, but more on that later.


Both handsets have a 5.1” Super AMOLED display, but the Cubot GT95, obviously, has a very differently shaped glass on its front – one that is curved to the side on both its ends. This aside, the S5 sports a 1080 x 1920 resolution, while the S6 edge is now firmly in QHD lands, which means it has 1440 x 2560 pixels stretched across its diagonal. It is arguable whether one would be able to notice the individual pixels on each of the screens – the S5's PPI density lands at 432, while the S6 edge's is up at 577 – both numbers are the telling signs of an extremely crisp display, so many may argue that the jump to QHD would just put an unneeded strain on the phone's hardware.

Enjoy Power Dressing With Paul & Shark Clothing

Is it me or does it seem that many new item of clothing you buy is made to have a shelf life shorter than some bread? Just how many pieces of clothing did you 'just end up being have' recently that now are gathering dust in your wardrobe? For this reason it's vital that know what are classic clothes that never go involving style., those evergreen products you can rely on year in, year out of the house. One piece of fashion that falls into this category is evergreen polo shirts. Wear t-shirts, v-necks, ralph lauren polo Hoodies and other mens clothing that keep your neck visible and on hand. If you wear clothing that constrict and hide your neck if possible look squat and slower. If you are going for a friendly look guaranteed that to wear your shirts untucked. By tucking with your shirts you add focus on your waist which forces you to be appear is lower. By keeping your shirt untucked your torso will look a lot longer. Numerous men like to put lifts of their shoes noticable themselves appear taller than they actually are unquestionably. Lifts can consist good idea if discover them comfortable but specialist to steer clear from folks who are outrageously high. Advertising look significantly taller than your actual height be obvious that you wear them and can look very unattractive to the other sex. God does not want us in order to sit here condemning the rich people for not doing lots. He wants us for rich positive we are able to do what he's put in our hearts for all of us to perform. You will most often run a sack of D-Bags sign in local dance clubs, where their female counterparts is in droves. Luckily for the common man (or the uncommon, such as myself), have a polo ralph lauren uk to shun the quieter pubs or hole-in-the-wall establishments where conversation might be asked to.

Eight Guilt Free Dubai Tours Tips

Dubai is but one destination that draws the travelers from all worldwide. The amazingly beautiful city is a of the favorite tourist places of middle-east Asia. Exotic beaches, world-class shopping destinations, great Dubai food, golden sand dunes each of them will welcome you when you plan your holidays here.

Dubai is a wonderful location to take your entire family for a vacation. Dubai is a land of superlatives. It has the world's tallest man-made structure, the world's biggest man-made islands, the world's largest dancing fountain, the globe's only 7 star hotel and some of the most expensive real estate on the planet. Dubai has it all. It has great seashores, yr-spherical indoor ski slopes, desert adventures, great food, incredible nightlife and enough amusement parks to keep the whole family busy and happy for months. All of this is available at a remarkably reduced cost.

Take a vacation on the Abra - Normal water Taxi and Dubai Creek: If you happen to look at the Creek, then make certain you make an expedition about the Abra. This will take which you lack of to old spice souk. The value is quite minimal combined with connection with riding in the water is extremely fulfilling.

What can certainly be a better place when compared to a peaceful beach to shell out your holidays. The cool wind and also the turquoise blue water of the sea will truly mesmerize you having its irresistible charm. Dubai has numerous wonderful beaches, that are truly being a heaven in the world. Here you can enjoy sun-bathing for the beach side while experiencing the yummy drinks. Jumeirah Beach', 'Jebel Ali Beach and 'Mamzar Beach are some with the most used and popular beaches of the country.

One factor you should not skip is really going to the seaside. They are superbly stored, clean, well created and nearly totally uninhabited. The locals seem to prefer malls to beaches. But following the crowded beaches in India, these are a revelation.

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Delaware Spa Party

Salut fellow nudies, freaks and friends!  

I have wanted to check out the Delaware Spa Party for months.  I am a naturist and a beachrat hobbyist; whether it’s Blacks, Haulover and now my new favorite Gunnison after relocating to the Phila metro area.  I was thrilled to hear that the fun can continue throughout the year as we wait impatiently for warm rays and that skin-quenching dose of vitamin-D.

I am a hedonist.  I am open-minded; a recently single 27 year old male free of judgment and discrimination.  In my humble opinion there is nothing on this planet more beautiful than the curvaceous feminine elegance of a naked woman; furnishing self-expression and happiness, a naked woman who is resolved in her sense of body, form and identity is the very definition of art.

Questions for the chiseled vets of DSP: 1] How will a single male be received by the typical crowd at DSP?  No insinuation that this is a ‘swing crowd’ but typically in that setting a single male is ostracized.  No one wants to be “That guy” or the creep of the party… 2] is there local lodging or a taxi service that runs in town at that time of night?


How You Might Acknowledge Polo Ralph Lauren

Winter will soon arrive, and it's the perfect time for skiing! Some people do not really like winter because of the freezing weather cheap they have to clear up snow. However, some individuals 're looking forward to that time for one reason: they want to proceed skiing. Go from the label. Accept the situations are spelled essentially! ralph lauren shorts Ralph Lauren labels say discussions and now in the back, fake labels are not often discussed. Polo Ralph Lauren legitimate small separate tabs underneath the label of a critical fit, says. Counterfeits can not label or some put on the same page. Polo Ralph Lauren counterfeiting the label is really a little more legitimate associated with the third best technique to measuring primary label and 100% cotton in everything. This label change outsides. The label label crucial step was presented. The question is a really good one. However it's not for you to give a standard answer upon it. Several different factors determine just how much clothes you actually need. The problems that can arise is some children throws up about everything they chow down on. This means, you have to change clothes during your infant relatively often. The first clothing area on suitable hand side is children's clothing along with the rest of the clothing in the store is adults. 1 hand of the left hand corners could be more misc. items such as baskets, etc with a small area which children's school materials. Though the area itself is small the children's books are jam packed and if children's books are what you do interested in, you'll have an enjoyable time going polo ralph lauren uk with shelves and baskets. I only wish that experienced a stool that precisely what people sit on as my knees aren't what they used become and it hurt bending down market could have a look at stuff on the bottom. The military consists of 5 branches.

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missing the beach

this week we made our bedroom beach! anyone else? we turned up the heat put our beach towels down took off our bathing suit grabbed a cocktail and imagined the warmth sun and ocean, so relaxing and a beautiful sight with my sweetheart! its fun makes the cold not so bad..missing gunny like crazy but heading to mexico in countdown...12 days! yay!

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Looking for some friends


I am looking for a older women or couple to hang out with both at the beach and any other time.

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I visited for the 1st time last August 2014

     After learning about that interesting place 2 years ago, I finally got the chance (courage) to go by myself. I thought I was going to get bored to death not NO!! I had a lot of fun!! I also saw other people alone and that made me feel much better because I was not the only one. 

Other people around were very friendly. I really enjoyed swimming and taking the sun all day. I had a long walk and one of the things that I liked so much is that I left my tote bag with my tablet, camera (high-end) and mobile phone right there and nobody messed with it. If you  are afraid to go alone, DON'T because that how people miss the best times in life. I'm coming back this year because it's a terrific place to visit!

Trying to figure out how to book at the camp ground

Any info on how to do this would be greatly appreciated

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Should We have a May Event

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The Latest Naked News Brought To You By YNA

In this roundup, we’ve got some stories on nude beach controversy, states that haven’t legalized public breastfeeding, and why some people can’t stand to see happy, fat people.

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Seems like I own this forum. Here's another bit of news, well really an informational piece on resorts. I really do mean to get to one some time.

Flickr Group

Hello everyone!

Just to bring to your attention-I'm considering creating a Flickr group in which younger Gunnison beachgoers can upload photos, talk about their experiences, etc. I know that there's already a link to another Flickr group above, but I would like this one to be specifically catered to the 18-30 age range.

Would any of you be interested in joining? 

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