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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Profile Pictures



This is not a site called JUNK IN YOUR FACE.


Please do not make profile picture close ups of your private areas.

They make the site look like a porn site and it is not.  


Keep it classy. (Heads shots, full body not close up on one area, classy, you know it when you see it. )





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  Finally made it to the beach this year. People were warm and friendly, water was freezing, but after driving for 1 1/2 hours I go in    regardless of temp.

July 11th. AANR's Skinny Dip Again!!

Just a reminder this is national nude recreation week, highlighted by the American Association for Nude Recreation's "Skinny Dipping Again" event. This will not be for another world record of the most people simultaneously skinny dipping, (set in 2009 and broken in 2010), but rather an opportunity to bring attention to the healthy and social aspects of nudism. The time for the dip, ( or in my case, I Chunky Dunk) will be 3PM next Saturday afternoon. For more information go to or try that social media thing #SkinnyDip. Sorry old school here and have no idea how that works. For an official tee shirt call the AANR's office at 1-800-879-6833.

I'm planning on being at Gunny for the "Dip"....errrr....I mean "Dunk"! Stop by and say howdy! I'll be under the tall Red, White and Blue windsock with the Wheel Eez cart.

Stay Safe and Naked My Friends!! Ed

Monday July 6

Male 45 in monogamous relationship traveling to gunnison alone for the day. Say hi if you want!

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looking for new friends

Hi. Is anyone on the beach right now. I wouldn't mind to meet new people 

First Time Experience with Girlfriend

So yesterday (July 3rd) I went with my girlfriend to Gunnison for the first time (We're both 20 yrs old) 

We arrived at the beach around 2 PM, and settled down back a good distance from the water off to farthest right side of the beach. We almost immediately got naked and had a great relaxing time.  About 30 minutes in we walked through the crowd to the water and had a lot of fun.  Overall we were completely comfortable and the people we chatted with were cool.

Things got weird when the lifeguards left at around 5 PM.  I noticed a good portion of the beach population left at this point, so we moved to the middle of the beach.  Some creepy guy walked over and began staring at the behinds of two ladies a few feet infront of us, and as we were lying down I saw him bending down and staring at my girlfriend as well.  He sat between us and the ladies and began playing with himself while simulatenousely turning back and forth to look at us and them every few minutes.  He walked to the water to try and talk to some other young girl who just blew him off, and while he was there I warned the two ladies of what he was doing.  When he came back to sit they began making fun of him and I basically told him off and embarrassed him.  Luckily I have no problem getting vocal with creeps but it's a shame that this guy had to dampen our spirits (we were having a blast before he came along).  I lost all desire to stay on the beach and we left about 15 minutes later. 

To be fair, the experience really was positive up until the late afternoon.  We do plan on coming back within the next few weeks because this was the best beach we've ever been to (nudity aside, the views really are spectacular). 

I've learned two things about this beach upon our first visit:

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Single girl, tomorrow, July 5th

The plans were to go to Gunnison today with a couple of friends, but the rain stopped us.

They're not available tomorrow, so I'll be heading there by myself.

Stop by to say hello, if you want. I'd be happy to make new friends and I'll also need help with putting sunscreen on my back Smile

Large multicolored striped beach sheet, white aviator headphones, small blue cooler.

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Questions about amenities

Hey, everybody!

I'm planning my first trip to Gunnison beach tomorrow and I was wondering about a few things... I thought that the regulars could help me out with answers:

1. What's the food situation? I'm guessing there are food trucks loaded with junk, but is it any good? Maybe some healthy alternatives? What are the prices?

2. Bathrooms. I don't expect hot showers, but I'm hoping that there are at least clean toilets, with a decent place to wash hands? Please say yes.

3. Water. Are there water fountains, or you have to buy your water from the food vendors?

Thank you! Smile


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newbie to this site

Big smile hello all, I'll be heading down tomorrow. Would like to meet some new cool people, preferably female!

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Facebook Group

Hi guys, I started a new Facebook group called Gunnison Beach, NJ for anyone interested. About 100 members so far, looking for it to grow. Hope to see you there. Great way to find friends while at the beach

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I did it!!!!

Big smile  today I took that giant leap and decided to bare it all and it felt great. I'm officially a nudist now. The feeling of freedom was amazing. I can't wait to go back. Ive always said that NY was better than NJ but after today I can officially say that jersey kicks NYs ass. I have a new found respect for Jersey. Gunnison beats all of NYs beaches combined. Im planning my next trip, either next week or the week after.

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Hello My Name is TOMMY TOWEL from Massachusett

I am a retired/hetero/divorced lawyer who grew up in New Jersey and now live in the North Shore of Boston Massachusetts. For several years I've been coming down to Gunnison Beach until my mother passed away last fall. Dont Get me wrong, Martha's Vineyard/Aquinnah Beach FKA Gay Head is spectacular, but the water is so cold most of the summer, and of course, New Englanders tend to be a bit stodgy and modest. That's why I like to come down to Gunnison for a few days at a time when I can predict, with the help of the weather Bureau, good weather. That's gonna be my plan this year. In the past, I've met some of my old friends down on the beach and we ended up having a good time. I've lost track of them and would like to get together with some mature, good-humored people who happen to enjoy being naked in the beach.



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Sunday July 5th

Sunday the Fifth is looking like a great day for GB.  I plan to make the trek - will likely be solo, however.  It would be nice to meet a site member or two so please feel free to stop by and say hello.  Typically arrive very early, and set up between 1st and 2nd lifeguards.  I will have patriotic colors:  Red hair (yes it is mine - some have asked  Smile, very white skin, and a blue/white striped umbrella.  Oh, and an American flag for good measure.  Enjoy your holiday weekend and be safe!

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Looking for a beach partner, or people willing to hang out

Single male here looking for people who would like to go together or meet at the beach. Central Nj. Somerville area , can pick up and go in one car, or meet there. Friends are great. 

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Fun Beach Day

7/3/15 on our way to Gunny, see you there stop by all is Welcome, we will be in a red black and white tent. 









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