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looking for a couple or a partner

Thinking of heading out to the beach this weekend on the 27th im looking to meet some new friends msg me if anyone is interested also this will be my first time going

Profile Pictures, IMHO

Finding places to go and enjoy outdoor activity nude is really hard because there just are not very many legal places to go.  Part of this is due to the bad name nudists get when there is inappropriate (blatent sexual oriented) behaviors going on.  This gives those opposed to nudism a good example of why it should not be allowed.  Do you really want to promote this site as a porn or swinger site which is what it appears when I see close up shots of erect penises on the main page?

Blatently sexual (i.e.pornographic) images as a members avatar/profile picture that displays all over the forums and messages gives nudism a bad image.  It is also non family friendly so it turns off otherwise good people that would like to be in touch with people who enjoy Gunnison Beach.

Awesome guy looking to meet new friends

[img_assist|nid=4390|title=new friends|desc=Easy going guy looking to meet new friends|link=none|align=left|width=83|height=100]

8)  HI everyone my name is richie looking to meet new friends to enjoy the beach free and nude Easy going guy 47years old

Planning to go tomorrow

Hello everyone ,

I am planning to visit the beach tomorrow. This will be my first time. I am driving from westchester (new York ). Looking for a company.


7/21 young couple here looking for company

Looking for decent shape under 30 years old couple going to the beach tommorrow. Single guys welcome to. Enail me at sexycouple0913@gmail and pix


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anyone going on friday 7/25

ive been to gunnison once before. planning on going this friday 7/25. anyone interested in meeting up?

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Just went on fri and this was an experience that's fresh to me.. I met so many wonderful ppl who have made me feel comfortable in my own skin I can't wait to go back and enjoy the view:)

Anyone Free on July 27th?

Hello everyone!

Looking for beach partners for the 27th. Preferably, I would want males who are around my age (I'm 22), but all are welcome if interested. Message me or comment on here if you want to meet up!

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In need of company

Hey there,


   I'm a 24 year old gay male (if that matters) and i'm just looking for some company during my trips to Gunnison. I go every couple of weeks usually on the weekends and kinda stick to by myself and that's usually great but i'd like some company in the future. I'm not looking for "extra activity" just a beach bud who I can carpool or meet up and get a tan/swim. Party



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going this saturday

looking to meet some new ppl tomorrow , will be wearing  maroon hat and black shorts. feel free to message me. thanks


Hey guys!


24 year old guy here planning on heading to Gunnison Saturday



Anyone else thinking of coming down from North Jersey or NY?

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Fun in the Sun at Gunnn

Sooo, im back home from my very 1st visit yo GB and I must say I had a grrrrrrrrreat time, met some cool folksWink and I will be going back tomorrow!


While did get beach tips, I really wished someone mentioned hauling a "granny cart" was not a good idea. My aching arm lol, lesson well learned.


So, who's going tomorrow?

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Going for the first time this weekend! Looking for a couple to hang out with!

Hello! First time coming to Gunnison this weekend! Would love to find a couple or single that is going to hang out with! What area of the beach is best to set up in? I've been to Haulover nude beach many times but never Gunnison. Can't wait!

thinking of going my first time this weekend

hey everyone. new to this whole thing. been wanting to go for a while, never got the courage but i think i may just suck it up and go this weekend.  been worried about a few things, erections, not having the best body, being nude in front of other people. but really interested in going and trying it out.


anyone have any advice?

What a Great day

Left an hr late for my 95 mile trip but still got to Gunny by 10. stayed till 2  i feel so refreshed cant wait to go again.

Also want to say thanks to all the beautiful ppl (everyone is beautiful in my eyes)  you make Gunny so enjoyable. 

Was a little bored without my wife there to talk to but maybe some day i will get to meet some of you and have ppl at the beach to chat with.

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