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December 13 Del Spa Party

Hey guys thanks for all the replies, cool to see everyone wanting to get together!

I was planning on going to the Dec. Del Spa Party thought it would be cool to get a group together from here to go. If anyone else is interested just message up and we can get something going!

beach partners?

Preferably female because everytime Ive males start talking to me they turn out to be gay and try and have sex with me... I'm 22 and its just a bit ridiculous at this point. It's weird but I get how unclomfortable it can be for women now.

angeleyeddemon's picture

making new friends

So far making new friends isn't easy on this page is there any other site for gunisson beach i can try or any open to talk couples or females or does any one have instagram 


Hi everyone! Was just curious to see if there was anything for us nudist to do in the offseason. Missing being nude at the beach and would love to have something else to do with like minded people...

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im on instagram

Hey i need new female friends if you want to get to know me juat add me on instagram i have face pics as well so you get to see who your talking to doesnt hart to talk so feel free to find me at angeleyeddemon_

Tomorrow oct 28

sounds like a great beach day. low 70's  with a SW wind 8 mph


Nice weather ahead

Looks like a nice couple of days ahead after this storm passes.  I head to head to gunnison on Monday the 27th is anybody else going to brave the 60 degree temperatures in the upcoming days?

Yesterday - 10/17

I was nervous, thinking that low 70s was a bit risky, but the sun was out and wind wasn't bad. Pretty good crowd all things considered. Ranger showed up around 5:00 to be a buzz kill and scope everything out.

I fear this was the last real outing this year.

StormRunner's picture


Looks like tomorrow may be a good day to play Hooookie Cool

Pun intended Wink

Delaware spa party

Anyone going to the Delaware Spa Party on October 18? Or plan to attend any other events? I plan on attending all the events there this winter and would love to see some other people from Gunnison Beach there

Today Tuesday October 14 was a great late season beach day!

I was a little hesitant on going today because they said partly sunny and windy but when I woke up and saw no clouds, I said to the wife...lets go and boy am I glad we went. We arrived at 9 and only 6 cars in the lot. We got down to the water and it was a little windy but not a cloud in the sky. We set up camp and went for our usual 2 to 3 hour walk and when we got back to our chairs there were lots of peeps on the beach. What a great day it was. This time of year we treat everyday as it could be our last for the season (I hope not) and enjoy it as much as possible, besides we need to keep up our all-over tans for our trip to Mexico in 3 weeks to our favorite Au Natural resort...Hidden Beach

anyone going on 19th?sunday


I am planning to goon 19th sunday , from jersey city anyone like to join ,

i am looking for car pool can share the gas , and companion


Anyone going 10/14/14?

It is supposed to be partly sunny and high of 72

Monday 10/13

Anybody heading out today?  Went out last week and it wasn't too cold for the beach...

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