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Debating First Time

Hi All,

I have off from work on Friday 9/19, and I'm debating going to Gunnison for my first time.  I have wanted to go for a while, but am really nervous about exposing myself as below the belt I am quite small.  Do you think people would notice or say anything?  I figured a Friday afternoon would be a good first time because I assume there would be less people there.  Thanks

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Hi all....

It looks like we're going to try to make this Sunday-9/21....usually there by 9:00-9:30am.

First time - looking for a partner/group on 9/21

I've always wanted to check out this beach and am interested in trying out the whole nude experience for the first time. I've had no luck convincing my girlfriend to join and would prefer to not go alone. If anyone is interested in meeting up Sunday, let me know! I'm a 32 year old male if that matters.

9/15 - Any one there now?

Thinking of heading down now, got off work early and just wanted a quick visit. Anyone there? And how is the weather by the water?


Arrest on Sun 9/14

There was an arrest on Sunday (9/14).  Did anyone see what prompted the arrest? 

It was perhaps 4pm.  It was middle of the beach, near the high tide line.  What was unusual was that it was a beach regular.  A couple.   I heard conflicting stories from people who seemed to know what happened.  But all said they were doing some shenanigans.   Some said it was an undercover ranger who reported them.   I did see the ranger SUV suddenly racing around.   A uniformed ranger approached the couple on foot.   He had them pack all their gear and put it into the waiting SUV.  They were then handcuffed and driven away.

One thing I don't like though is that fast SUV driving.   The rangers should only drive fast when someone is injured, or a violent crime is in progress.    If they suspect pot smoking, or they see someone touch his weenie, that is not a good reason to speed around people laying on the beach.   One of these days they are going to run someone over.


I want to make sure before hand im comfortable with finding gunnison. I found this map

It looks like I just need to get to "atlantic drive". Then the parking lot "g" is on the left? Then once im in the parking lot I head to the right for the clothing optional part?

Any joggers??

Plan on making my first visit soon, dont want any more tan lines! Business is slow so I've recently been heading to the beach(island state park) a few days a week and before leaving head for a nice jog.


Do people jog at gunnison? Are there showers?

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Any females who wants to talk or just get to know each other find me on my instagram angeleyeddemon_ 

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birthday boy

Party thinking about what i should do for my birthday ... getting naked would be a good start balls free swinging my thing around and enjoying the sun whats left of it .... best start 

Possibly going Sunday 9/14

I went to the beach for the first time ever earlier this year. None of my friends would go so I went by myself. I had a good time but still wished I knew someone to hang out with and talk to. I am going to try and go this Sunday but would really like to make some friends to hang out with. If you're going Sunday let me know and maybe we could meet up.

Looking to Go This Friday, 9/12

Looking to head to Gunnison once again before it gets too cold. I'll be there this Friday, 9/12, sometime in the afternoon, if the weather holds up. I'd love to meet new people, so if you see me, stop by and say hi! I'll be sitting on a red and white striped beach towel, more towards the right side of the beach. I'm a 22 year old male.

Also, if you want to meet up beforehand, feel free to comment on here or message me so we can work something out! 

Looking for other beach goers for early weekend

25 yo male would love to meet other dudes just to chill with hang loose and enjoy the weather. Let me know if your down. Also wondering does Gunnison do anything after 5pm? I see its open till ten, maybe after work stuff could be cool. 



Beach friends

Hey, have been down to Gunnison a few times this summer and always had a great time so want to go as much as possible before it starts to get to cold. I'm a 27 year old bi guy looking to find some other beach friends. Was wondering if anyone was thinking about going tomorrow, 9/9. I drive from philly so I usually get there around 11. Anyways if you're interested in going tomorrow or any other time let me know!

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