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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Hi all......

Going on Friday & Saturday the 22nd & 23rd.....maybe also Sunday the 24th.

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Monday 8/25 & Tuesday 8/26

Planning on going both Monday 8/25 & Tuesday 8/26 and driving from Upper West Side, NYC and have room in my car for anyone who would like a ride.

Hoping to go first thing in the morning on both days and would welcome a companion for the ride.

absecon group

I just join an Absecon Male nudists group. I saw a posting incraiglist South jersey and replied. I then got an invite to join the yahoo group. First outing possinle will be in Sept.Stay tuned




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Labor Day (Sept 1st), or Day After?

Hello guys! I'm Brad and I'm completely new to the clothing optional beach scene. Thinking about finally making my way to Gunny ON Labor Day or the day after. This may be a very stupid question, but should I expect it to be completely packed? Or totally dead? I don't know what to expect there. I would have to drive so if the parking lot is full, I'm out of luck and I'll have to turn around and go back home. Hoping to get some sun (all over  Smile ). Any tips would help. This is my first time and I'm nervous!



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Sunday visit

Smile brief but nice visit. Hope to stop by on Monday and stay longer.

heading back today.

Heading down with a lady today. 

We were there on Friday & some of the single-guy behavior made me uncomfortable.

It may be better for us if we walk south to the gay section.  

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new to this site

Im looking for friends just to hang with at the beach  I want to meet new people id prefer girls no offense their just fun and good conversation plus i love being a nudist its great to be around like minded people

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Trying to learn how to use this site

Smile if anyone can read this im trying to learn the site and wanted to know how to post 

This Weekend!


We are very excited for our first trip to Gunny beach!! Any good suggestions on where to stay etc?


Spending my Birthday in my Sexy Birthday Suit ;-)

Hello Dolls, 

Coming down this upcoming gorgeous August 18th.  Can anyone offer feedback on what naked Mondays are like?  I do expect it to be less crowded,  but wondering if there still a decent crowd.  And any Females interested in joining ME (coming alone), then Holllllllaaa!  Lol.   I'm a very fun,  outgoing,  sexy Dominicana.   BTW it doesn't have to be sexual,  just looking for a beach buddy.    Of course i wouldn't mind if we make out while oiling eachother.  Wink  36 Btw, contact me for pictures.   




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Friday Aug 15

Plannng on going solo on Fri Aug 15 and will be driving from Manhattan -Llincoln Ctr nabe -  if anyone needs a ride pls let me know - glad to have company.

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Aug 15

Driving from Upper West Side - Lincoln Ctr nabe on Fri Aug 15 if anyone needs/wants a ride.

just like most other posts.....

I'm a married male, late 30's, going solo on Friday the 15th.

Will be wearing a Structure baseball hat to cover up my shaved head.

I also have my left nipple pierced and if that's not enough description, I also have a tiny dick.  :-)

if you notice me feel free to say hi.  I won't bite unless you ask me to!!

going on thursday 24th

When You Coming?:
Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 22:02
not sure where i will been never been. maybe need a couple to hang out with or an older women to show me the ropes

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