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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

couples or lady(s) this evening 7/28

Looking to meet new people and takers? Just an average guy relaxing after work.

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First Timer

Hey all. My wife and I are thinking about heading up during the week, and naturally I'm super nervous. We just want to go for the experience, but I don't want to do anything to embarrass us. Any tips on the do's and don'ts?

first timer going today

Going today first time I'll be by myself looking to meet fun  new people

Friday 7/31

Hello -  Any ladies going this Friday?  Let me know. 48/m quiet, easy-going single M.

Going 7/27 late day

Any couple or lady care to chat let me know. Just an average guy looking to meet people 

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July 26th

Had a blast with my friend. Met a few great people! Perfect beach day!

Looking for nice ladies to chill with 7/27

Would like to chat with a nice lady or group to relax after work.  I am no Adonis but a nice guy to chat with

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Anyone going this week??

I'm thinking of making another trip to gunnison this week maybe even tomorrow. Is anyone else going this week? I'm going alone and would enjoy some good company on the beach. If you're interested let me know.

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BODY PAINTING - Gunnison Style!

Last Sunday, 7/19, I was able to cross another item off the bucket list.  It was another of many great days at the beach for me, but was even more special because there happened to be a group equipped with with lots of paint and brushes.  I was solo that day and decided to go for it. 

The folks were (as is typically the case here) absolutely friendly and inviting.  I thought I would primarily do the painting, which I did (asking first, of course!), but ended up becoming the "painted".  Since I was one of only a few men participating, seems I provided an interesting canvas.  One of the ladies got a picture of me with two others in the group, but I neglected to ask them to send it to me.  In case you were there, I was the one with two blue handprints on my rear end (hey wait, no one asked me for permission on that one). 

I also had a chance to meet one of our fellow GBNJ website members and we had a chance to share a few thoughts about our favorite beach.  Even though I have been coming here for nearly 20 years, each day has its own unique character.  Anyway, it was simply an awesome day and one I will always remember.

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Love to meet new people

 "WELL BUILT" athletic fit male (former fitness model and PT) looking to meet other fun loving couple for conversation and company.  My schedule is flexible so let me know when you will be at SH and let's meet, chat and get to know each other. 



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Love meeting new people


"WELL BULIT", athletic fit body male (former fitness model PT), looking to meet fun loving couple for conversation and company.  My schedule is flexible so let me know when you will be at SH and let's meet and chat a[img_assist|nid=16084|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=56]nd get to know each other.

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41yo Male Newbie

Hey all...just found this site as I am interested in making a visit to Gunnison in the near future. I'm a 41-year-old partnered gay guy but will be visiting solo as my partner isn't much interested in nude beaches. Appreciate all the helpful info I've found here. Always open to meeting new people to hang out with and who can help a newbie get better acquainted with the beach. 

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Going to Gunnison beach today 26 July about 9 am.

Me and my GF and her GF are going today morning. We get thre around 9am.  If any cpls or single male or female interested. Please let know.

Beach please

24/f from union county.  Want to go to the beach with someone. Can pay for gas.  Im 5'2, cute, blonde short hair, and brown.

Saturday July 25th

Wife and I spent the day at Gunnison and a nice couple sat near us along the fence line on the right side of the beach facing the water. Her blonde him dark hair blue speedo for a while lol. Nice views from behind the wind fence with two umbrellas. Wife and I had a great time. PM me so we can chat.

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