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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Profile Pictures



This is not a site called JUNK IN YOUR FACE.


Please do not make profile picture close ups of your private areas.

They make the site look like a porn site and it is not.  


Keep it classy. (Heads shots, full body not close up on one area, classy, you know it when you see it. )





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Thanksgiving Day.......60-ish degrees.....have the day off....

Might be a good day for a "nature" walk along Gunnison......

Happy Thanksgiving to one & all!!!!

atlantic county

Looking for nudists in Atlantic County. I am  60 yo make marrued to non nudist. I am on as barewaLt.

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Looking for Lady Beach Buddy

I I  am a 2015 newcomer to Gunnison Beach and enjoyed 6 wonderful days there this summer.  As a divorced WM, 71 years old, I did attend alone and did not get to meet anyone there, but did find the beach, and the people, just perfect.  I promised myself that I will spend as much time as possible there this coming year. I am looking for a nice dwf or swf to join me.



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Make a trip this past sat, Nov. 7

Make a quick trip to Gunny this past Saturday, about 60 degrees & cloudy  Sad

But I still did the beach walk from  sign to sign.

Not kinda day to work on the O' tanlines but it was a good "nature" walk.  Wink

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Perfect day

And the perfect scent for Gunnison

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75 This Friday Nov 6th

Tempting to be sick tomorrow.


Anyone else? Cool

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Just broke my Gunny cherry ...

Hey there.  Just broke my Gunny cherry a couple weeks ago:

I had my first time a week ago by unplanned chance ... and WAY more than expected happpened in relatively short time! I'm still a little shell-shocked by my first experience. lol

Went over to SH just to cruise around and chill to kill time, but when I found myself driving past the Gunnison parking lot and remembering what it *is*, I suddenly got the courage to say fuck it, I often fantasized about going here and feeling what it's like to be naked in public and just let it go somewhere where there is the absence of judgement, I'll strike while the iron is hot! . .. . .

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79' this Friday @ gunny !?

That's what my says , think well b going ,

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70/ligh winds

Stare early fall


Looks like a ral good forecast for Wednesday!!!!

Wanting to be naked on the beach in front of female friend so bad!!!!!

I I wanted to be nude on beach so bad last night in early morning hours for first time under the moonlight but did not have the nerve or the guts to strip down in front of my very close female friend who was there with me on the beach, I waso ready, so horny, and soturned on thinking about doing it any minute, and with her there she was just megeteven more turned on as time went by. I wanted to just walk ahead of her or behind her and just quickly strip down and and take a short 5 minute stroll down the beach totally naked. It did not happen and I just got more turned on.

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Looking to get together a nice group of friends for Gunnison

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to get together a group of 10-15 people (m&f) for Gunnison. I always have thought its more fun to go/hang out with a group. Easy going and fun here looking for like others. I can help with transportation if anyone needs a ride (I am in North Jersey) and will bring plenty of refeshments. Anyone interested in joinging or helping organize please drop me a line. Thank you..Eric

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Gunny in the news,AAAAPLMILBk~,Vn8u6tPOf8Us2eD8W1ez5Zw-Ss_6Anfe


Even if all that beach replenishment doesn't offer much long term protection against storms and rising sea levels it certainly makes it easier for timid New Jerseyans to find some space to shed their inhibitions. Looking to try out some naked frisbee but you're a little self-conscious? There's plenty of room on Gunnison to spread out. And with the beach once again undergoing a post-Sandy growth spurt, there will soon be even more.

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