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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

Delaware Spa Party

Has anyone here been to the Delaware Spa Parties?  My girlfriend and I have been enjoying Gunnison during the fair weather months, but now are looking for something to do during the winter months.  We were eyeing up the party on Dec 10th, but wanted to poll the group to see if anyone has been to these, and what we can expect there.

Hello all!

Hello to all,

Just an introduction.  Have been lurking for a while and thought it time to say hi.  I've been going to Gunnison a couple times a year for past couple years.  Married to a textile who's not against my trips to CO beaches however she's not inclined to try it herself.  :(  She will accompany me though.  We just got back from Apollo Beach and Blind Creek Beach earllier this month.

I've more or less been a home naturist all my life.  Finally, in my late 40's I got it together and started to visit Gunnison.  Am now hooked!  Sad it took me so long, especially since I live in South Jersey.  The area around Gunnison also holds special memories for me as I grew up going to Asbury Park and Bradley Beach as a kid.  I'm also into bicycling and Sany Hook is like Nirvana to me with the awesome trails, historical sites and abundant wildlife.  Can't wait for another season!



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Great Day at Gunny Today

Saw the weather report and had to do one more trip to Gunny today.  Wind was 13 out of the SE, 60* and the sun was bright.  Put up the windscreen and I was good to go.  Almost 100 people, singles, couples and about a half dozen dogs.  Stayed about 3-1/2 hours and got a nice sun burn.  It was my first trip in about 6 weeks.  It will probably be my last till March or April.  The day was great until I walked back to my car.  Someone's dog pooped on the board walk and the owner did not clean it up.  What a f**king asshole.  If you didn't go you missed a great day!


The weather looks like it may be nice. Will anyone else be attending?

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Where to hang out nude

Other than nude beaches I am rather new to this. Any suggestions as to other

Places that people gather nude. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Size of Gunnison


Just a general question. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I read info somewhere on the internet that gunnison is smaller than haulover area wise? Is that true?

More pics!!!

Now that colder weather is here, I think ya'll should post more naked pics!!!

Weather plan

Hey gang, this is a cool weather site.  Helps when you are planning a November Gunnison day.  Set the date and time for when you plan to go.  Gives you a visual idea of what to expect.

Key tips for autumn beach trips:  Windscreen!  Go early.  Never know exactly when the weather will be best, but you don't want to arrive just as it goes pear shaped.  Select weather based on this: Wind, sun.   Air temp forecast is least important.  Calm wind, full sun???  Go!

And have a backup plan.  Something else in the area to do if the beach is no fun. 

Off Season

Hey everybody.

So now that the summer is over officially, can you still get on the beach and celebrate being nude? Looking for info on heading down for Saturday 11/5

Off Season

Hey everybody.

So now that the summer is over officially, can you still get on the beach and celebrate being nude? Looking for info on heading down for Saturday 11/5


Anyone know if you can have a campfire on the beach?

Anyone else going Thurs the 27th?

I'm going to go early afternoon. I know it might be chilly but I'm not ready to give in yet.
And I just need to be naked! Anyone else going?

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Wednesday 10/18 Last time to Party Naked in 2016!!!!!

Party  Come join the gang tomorrow for what may be the last great day of the year. AandL, Blondie and a bunch others will be getting naked and partying. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, couples, singles, male female. Bring your favorite adult beverage. We'll be in the middle some where. Look for her t-shirt. See you there!

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Still a few good ones left ...

Apears there are going to be a few good days left to the season.  Tommorrow looks promising ... 70 and mostly sunny with a slight breeze out of the SW.  Tuesday and Wednesday, at this point, look real nice.  Planning on Wednesday.  Will be the first year I spend my bday at Gunnison.  YaMon!!

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