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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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bad weather

So I have been planning on coming to the shore this weekend, starting this afternoon.  Weather sucks, but still coming.  Anyone know of an alternative? Are there places to go, anyone hosting? Hate to waste the time off I planned.



I'm going to Gunnison tomorrow

Smile be there tomorrow morning 

Any one going today at Gunnison?

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Perhaps some sun later today. I'm thinking about it.

This week

I have not been able to hit the beach in two months and I have a week off from work.  I was hoping to go to Gunnison this weekend but the weather forecast seems to be terrible right now.  Anybody planning to go anytime this week?  Would love to join if it is not raining.  Don't mind 70 degree weather if it is sunny.

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My final visit to the beach !!! for the season 2016

Hi everyone

I'm planing on visiting gunisson beach for the last n final time for the season and I would like to meet few Good ppl. If anybody coming to beach as well(9/26 mon)... Come see me... I will be all the way in the back. Keep me posted 


Stunning weather at Gunny now.   If you are wondering if you should go today, you should.


Classic Beauty

Spent the afternoon at Gunny yesterday. Bit chilly initially, but warmed up beautifully. Reason I'm writing though is to compliment a woman that sat nearby. Naturally beautiful.....and when our paths crossed she just smiled. She epitomizes what gunny is. As she put on her "no tan lines at gunny" shirt to leave, I realized that this was probably my last trip to gunny this year.....what a grand ending....

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Super telescopes

As I was leaving last night , the NPS and some astronemers were setting up these HUGE super telescopes in the gunny parking lot. It was open to the public. If I wasn't so darn tired I would have stayed for a peek. I'm wondering if anyone caught a glimpse? Seemed like a pretty cool thing. And let's get all the "heavenly bodies" jokes out of the way!!!


Friday was an excellant day for the folks who were there. Good crowd, lots of sun, mild breeze, and temperate water. The ocean was a bit rough. I stayed until aftersun set. Walking along the beach to the south end at that time of the day (sunset) was a experience I will cherish. For anyone who is wanting to try this type of beach experience but is hesitant, don't be. This place is so unique.

The Joy of Nudity

Once you go naked, you never want to go back. Ever since my first clothing optional beach experience last year (at Gunnison), I'm addicted to being nude in public (legally, of course). Now, at age 52, it's motivated me to stay in shape so I can look and feel the best I can (not that there's anything wrong with being hefty -- I really have come to appreciate the female form in all shapes and sizes, not that I stare or act creepy, which I don't).

I was reminded of this today, as I'm on a business trip nowhere near any place you can go nude. I spent some time in the hotel pool and whirlpool spa, wearing my trunks and wishing I didn't have to be so restricted, wishing they had a late-night time set aside for adults to be able to go clothing optional.

My last nude vacation was at Haulover Beach in Miami in June and I'm itching to go back there or anywhere else I can experience the freedom and exhilaration of being legally naked with other like-minded individuals. It's unfortunate there aren't more places in this country to be nude in public legally. Hopefully, the next president will solve this pressing issue.

Is it worth going this weekend? 9-24 and 25.

Thinking on going to the beach saturday and sunday with the wife,   The weather its going to be sunny and about 70degrees.  

Does anybody know if that's good beach temperature from past experience of being there? 

Thank you 


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Thurs. SEPT. 22 PERFECT Gunny Day!!!!

Hello folks,

Just had to post & say yesterday (Thurs.) was probally one of the best 2016 Gunnison days ever for me! Took the day off (to rest up after a 2 week Europe vacation) & decided I was gonna make it a Gunnison Day!!!  Glad I did. The weather forecast looked perfect, so off I went.

This is the BEST time to hit Gunnison. Love going during the week, water temps are still good, less crowded, quiet beach- (and LOT less "rowdy" folks) & beach & bathrooms stay clean.... Laughing out loud

Pretty cloudless day, temp was about 78 degrees.....there was a good number of folks there but not crowded. The water looked FANTASTIC!!! And the temp. I guess was 72-ish..

Nothing says relaxing like skinny dipping in the Atlantic....just floating  on my back & stretching out all the wrinkles & knots from lugging around, running around, catching trains, planes buses for 2 weeks.

I hope to get in at least a few more days like this before the weather really turns, that would be nice!  Cool


Last Visit to Gunnison for 2016?

Senior biz exec heading out to Gunnison for last visit (likely) of 2016.  Looking like a great day on Fri, 9.23.  Anyone want to hang out?

Will be hanging in the requisite Tommy Bahama red (with palm leaves) beach chair, sunglasses, Penn State Big 10 baseball cap, and striped beach towel.  If you like country music, taking a long walk on the beach, have drinks to share (ideal!), and/or just want to hang out.... hit me up.   I'll be hanging in the south end of the beach - the one without clothes.  : )

Come on over.  Let's chat...and enjoy an Indian Summer kind of day.



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