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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Profile Pictures



This is not a site called JUNK IN YOUR FACE.


Please do not make profile picture close ups of your private areas.

They make the site look like a porn site and it is not.  


Keep it classy. (Heads shots, full body not close up on one area, classy, you know it when you see it. )





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A potential life partner is not nudist (he/she is even opposed to it). Is this a dealbreaker for you, or not?

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Famous nude people....Anyone worried about Joaquin yet???

We have enjoyed all the famous nude people talk but with a category 4 Hurricane named Joaquin coming is anyone concerned yet??

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Famous nudists

Now, that the season is (almost) over, I thought we could start topics discussing diverse aspects of nudism, silly or serious.

On the silly side, do you know of any famous nudists? They can be real or imaginary. If they're imaginary, please explain why do you think they may be nudists.

I think Amelie's father was a closeted nudist... the movie says he disliked the feeling of clingy wet swimtrunks Smile watch at the 0:15 mark

First Timer: Looking for advice

Just want to say hi to everyone and get your advice.  I generally wear "retro swim trunks" to any beach with swim briefs underneath.  I just wanted to get a feel for what is acceptable around the neighborhood at the beach.  Is it ok to wear the short trunks here?  Is it ok to just wear the swim briefs?  I would imagine it is 100% ok to wear nothing due to the nature of the beach.

Just want everyone's advice... Even if it is acceptable to wear short trunks or the swim briefs... I wouldn't want to be the odd man out and be the only one out there with them on.  Just looking to fit in when I visit!


Finally getting back!

It's been 3 years since my last visit to Gunny but my schedule is finally giving me a chance to visit this Sunday. I hope it is not too chilly/breezy. Hope I can meet some of you!

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It seems that you can't post a picture today

Having trouble posting images today. I'm being told that I haven't selected an image.

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Anyone planning on going to Gunny next Wednesday 9-30?????


Going Wednesday 9/233

Early 50s couple, newbies with tan lines will be making our 3rd trip tomorrow 9/23. Looking to make friends.

Going to miss all the posts and Gunnison

Love the beach and have met some really cool people and enjoy all the posts and pix anyone want to converse during the off season talk about anything.Open to all conversations .Thanx

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Has anyone here been to Role Play lounge in Atlantic City

My wife and I heard about this place...but I am wondering if any of you Gunny friends have been there??and what you guys think about it??






Anyone going this WED or THURS 9/23-9/24??

Hey all! I'm looking to sneak in one last beach trip this week weather permitting. Anyone going Wednesday or Thursday or any other time this week. Looking for new friends to meet and hang with.

Sunday 9/20 - could anyone tell me if it's crowded today/ too late for parking?

I'd like to get one last beach day in at Gunni but it'd be at least 2pm by the time I'd get there and don't know if I'd even get a spot so late in the day.

Flying stuff

There was a giant kite flying high over Gunnison yesterday.   And there was a huge U.S. flag about halfway up the kite line.  The guy flying it said the flag was 15x22 feet.    Impressive site.    It might have been high enough to be seen from the other beaches at Sandy Hook.

We also had a guy in a paraplane fly by.  He was flying south.   I wonder where he took off from.  Or where he was going.

Interesting day.

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