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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Profile Pictures



This is not a site called JUNK IN YOUR FACE.


Please do not make profile picture close ups of your private areas.

They make the site look like a porn site and it is not.  


Keep it classy. (Heads shots, full body not close up on one area, classy, you know it when you see it. )





Headed to Gunny

Headed to Gunny in the morning 8 / 28  does anyone know if the lower end is open yet ? feel free to stop bye and say hi J&L

Today (thursday aug 27)

Hi!  I am a tall, thin, laid-back, straight, single guy from PA.  Going to gunnison today.  I always enjoy my time there, but I am not great at being sociable (has nothing to do with being nude, I am just always like that).  I always try to say "hi" to at least 1 or 2 people, but I end up spending the time on the beach alone.  If anyone on here sees this and is interested in hanging out today, messgae me!  I will periodically check my emails on my phone on the road trip so if anyone responds I will see it.  Include a cell number if you are willing to text to make plans.  I would prefer to meet up with a female/females.  Maybe we could meet up for coffee or drinks before going to the beach.  Or after the beach would be fun too.  Basically to summarize:  I am from PA and going to Gunnison today and would love company either at the beach or just someone fun to meet up with in that area while I am there.  Hpoe to hear from someone! Smile

July 20th was my first time

Howdy - I'm a new guy to GB, I just experienced a nude beach for the first time on July 20th. I was surprised at how comfortable it felt so quickly - I was scared to death for years of even taking off my shirt in public... let alone the rest of my clothes!! But it's such a cool, chill vibe - I've always had trouble talking to girls, but I talked to a few on the 20th, and just yesterday too, when I went back for the 2nd time. I was a little worried, honestly, about getting, um... aroused in this sort of setting - but that wasn't at all the case. There was nothing sexual about it, there's nothing like the feeling of being outside and naked at the beach on a hot summer's day! I just wish I could have stayed a little longer, but I live a couple hours away. I'm sure to head back though - not sure if my schedule will allow it this summer, but I plan on working around it so I can head back multiple times next year - looking forward to meeting more of you!

Hi all!

Hello GB folks! This year has been my first time heading to GB, and it's been quite therapeutic. For years, I had nightmares of being naked in public, and I knew the only way to conquer that was to become, well... naked in public!! I wanted to try it out, so I went for the first time just about a month ago. The only time I got scared was just the instant before I took off my shorts - but all that fear vanished surprisingly quick. After a few minutes, I felt very comfortable. The more you think about it, people at regular beaches are pretty much 90% naked to begin with. I decided to take another day off work and return to GB just yesterday, Monday, the 24th (I was the guy with the backwards Red Sox hat and sunglasses). I couldn't stay long, but I picked another perfect day to go, just a lot of cool, chill people. I'm still a little hesitant to talk, I'm not the most social guy on the planet - but the feeling of being at GB has been a wonderful, liberating experience and I can't wait to get back! And thank you to the lovely ladies who smiled back at me - it was odd at first, as I stated, but I was surprised at how comfortable it felt to be naked in public. I don't know if I'll be able to head back this summer, but I plan on working that into my schedule, as I live in Philadelphia, not exactly around the corner. Looking forward to meeting some cool folks!!

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Second trip this Saturday 8-29!

My wife and I are making our second trip this Saturday.  Gonna be there by hopefully 8-830. Went earlier this month, and I have been anticipating our return from the second I put my bathing suit back on to walk off the beach on that first trip. And the weather looks like it is going to be very nice. CAN'T WAIT!!! 

Any couples going tomorrow?

My girlfriend and I are making our second visit tomorrow. Early 50s couple

Long ago but will surely return

My first time was now more than 15 years ago and I have only been back every once in a while but it was with a girlfreind who loved being nude on the beach.  Not surprisingly many others enjoyed her nakedness as well.  Running into her boss as she rertuned from the water made it clear that it was a bit of a set up.   Nothing like watching your gf talk to her boss naked without even trying to cover up.  

All good and onto a fun life.



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Went today. Great time

I meet several people from the site, and I must say they were all awesome. That was a highlight of the day.

The weather turned nice, clouds broke and sun shone.  Very nice.  The water was even warm.


Great day at the beach.

Went for the first time

Went for the first time today and loved it. Although I didn't muster up the courage to strip down completely. I definitely plan on going back. Hopefully I'll have a little more confidence next time

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Sunday at 11am going to beach , will play volleyball at the beach too

Hello all . Going there with a friend on Sunday Aug 23 at 11am . I will be with my male friend . If anyone like to join us for volleyball or other beach fun . Leave a reply . Ladies are needed to make the game interesting

Wednesday August 26

48m, going in the afternoon, any women or couples interested in meeting?  Thursday also a possibility instead.

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Good times (8/22/15)

Went to Gunny yesterday (8/22).  Keep in mind, this was my third time going to Gunny (7/25 first, 8/9 second)  Got there around 6:30am after driving almost two hours lol.  It was just so awesome to watch that sunrise!  Got naked and went for a 7:00am swim.  The water was just so nice and warm, and swimming naked just feels so natural compared to being clothed.  Swam all the way out to the buoys!  Soo quiet and peaceful out there!  And did a couple of free dives, too!  Also, it was nice to meet someone from these forums as well!  Really nice guy!  What I liked was they took down the "Stop" signs, so I was able to take a refreshing long naked walk along the water.  Played some naked volleyball later in the day.  That's always fun!  Left around 1:45pm.  Plan to return Labor Day Weekend!  See y'all soon! Smile

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Great time.

I had a great time yesterday at the beach.!! Met lots of new people.. Was a much needed getaway..


Hello,new at gab,,really nice beach,I am 42,male,like to make new friends,.

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